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Fine Art painter, sculpturing and film maker.

From Norway, but lives and works in Spain, Altea.



Education: MMI Market and Media institut, Oslo drawing and painting School, JVS school of fine art.

In between the art study and exhibitions around Norway, he worked in the film industry in Norway and USA (New York and Los Angeles) , England, Italy, France, Sweeden and Denmark.


After several Art exhibitions in Norway, he decorated I Fingerin Regent street London and the Norwegian Consul New York.

He also painted several frescos in Grand Hotel Oslo and in several privat places on the Costa Blanca in Spainas well as the Norwegian school and voluntary sentral.

He also worked on the art project" Casa Abogat" in Xativa, where he now have a on going sculptur park. He exihibited on many locations in Norway, in Spain, Barcelona and at the Costa Blanca.

Next Exhibition for 2022; Barcelona, Castellon, Amsterdam and Oslo.

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